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List of Bloggers and Marketing Influencers

We've put together this free list of bloggers and marketing influencers by finding top performing blog posts and locating the author, the authors website, and their email address. If you'd like to add yourself to this list, or request to remove your information, please get in touch with us through our contact page.
NameEmailExpertiseWebsiteExample Article
NameEmailExpertiseWebsiteExample Article
Ian Chandler Blogging
Ellen Bartolino Blogging
Cyrus Shepard Blogging
Lindsay Kolowich Blogging
Jeff Bullas Blogging
Becky Mansfield Blogging
Jayson Demers Blogging
Adam Flomenbaum Blogging
Janine Huldie Blogging
Janice Wald Blogging
Pam Neely Blogging
Warren Knight Blogging
Jules Marcoux Blogging
Jessie Liu Blogging
Andy Merchant Blogging
Umer Prince Blogging
Dylan Barmmer Blogging
Philip D. Bennett Blogging
Lee Odden Social Media
Stephanie Leishman Social Media
Michelle Pescosolido Social Media
Neal Schaffer Social Media
Michael Stelzner Social Media
Pam Moore Social Media
Ian Cleary Social Media
Rebekah Radice Social Media
Andrew Hutchinson Social Media
Glen Gilmore Social Media
Sam Hurley Social Media
Donna Moritz Social Media
Susanna Gebauer Social Media
Brian Fanzo Social Media
Tamara McCleary Social Media
Mark Fidelman Social Media
Larry Kim Social Media
Mike Allton Content Marketing
Michael Brenner Content Marketing
John Hall Content Marketing
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Where did this list come from?
We built this list by scraping Buzzsumo and using our PRO tools, such as our email scraper. We're constantly adding to this list, and it will always be free to use.
What do you consider an influencer?
We consider anybody that is well known in the marketing industry that is regularly published on a variety of sites to be an influencer. We look for articles that have been published for the last year, as well as influencers and marketers who are either CEOs or manage the content marketing efforts for a firm or website.
Can I add myself to this list?
Absolutely! All we ask is that you are in involved with internet marketing, social media, or blogging and that you have a website and some published works. If you feel you'd make a good addition to this list, please email us through our contact page and we'll review your information.
Can I remove myself from this list?
No. Just kidding, yes, simply email us if you wish to be removed from this list, and we'll have your information removed promptly.