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Check the SEO Stats of a Blog

Before you consider writing for a blog, you first want to do some research to see if its in good standing, and to see how established they are. We've put together this tool to quickly and easily review a blog's stats so that you have a clear picture before you put time and effort into writing and submitting your content.
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How is the score calculated?
We put more weight on the more important aspects of a website. For example, whether or not a site is indexed in Google is a very important factor, so if it's not indexed, it will hurt the score quite a bit. However, if a website is relatively new, that won't hurt the score nearly as much. With things like links, social shares, and the Moz spam score, the better the values for those, the higher the score. For example, if a Moz spam score is very high, it will impact the score more than if it was only moderately high. Once we've checked all of the factors listed, the score is calculated on a scale of 0 to 100.
One of the values in the checker returned "--"
Occasionally, a check will fail, or return no results. This could mean that there is no value for the search (for example, if a domain isn't a common TLD and doesn't have a public registration date), or that the check simply failed. You can try running the check once more, and if it still fails, please contact us so we can look into the issue.
Why does it say the site isn't regularly posted to when it actually is?
We check the site in Google for all new content indexed in the past week. If we find new posts, then we consider the site to regularly publish new content. If no content is found, it will be marked as a site that doesn't regularly publish content. If the site recently published a post and is being marked incorrectly, it could be that their latest content has not been indexed yet, or that Google has skipped indexing of the post.
Does this work on sites that aren't blogs?
Yes! You can use this on any domain, even if it isn't a blog.