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Scrape Websites Accepting Guest Posts

We’ve built a powerful tool that scrapes the web for dozens of websites that accept guest posts for any given keyword. After finding a short list of high authority sites for your keyword, it then locates their contact page. Lastly, it finds the registration information on the domain and outputs an email address that you can pitch!
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How does this tool work?
Once you've entered a topic, it will query search engines for that term along with various terms that are centered around guest blogging. This finds blogs that are relevant to your topic, that are high authority, and that are accepting guest contributions. Next, it searches their website for a contact page, which makes it easier to reach out to them. Lastly, it pulls the registration email of the domain, which often times reaches the owner of the site directly. This tool very quickly helps you find great candidates to submit a blog post to.
Are there any technical limitations on this tool?
Our Pro subscribers have zero rate limitations on all of our tools. Enjoy unlimited access and search as many times as you'd like.
The tool isn't displaying any publishers and is stuck on a loading animation. What's wrong?
Uh oh! If you've waited more than a minute, the tool may be frozen. Try refreshing the page and trying once more. We rotate our queries between thousands of proxies, so by trying a new search, you're starting a fresh new connection. If this happens frequently, or this tool is broken, please contact us and we will fix it immediately.
Some of the contact pages or emails are incorrect. Why is that?
Our tool will pull the most relevant information for the contact page, which is usually a form where contributors can contact the editor. In rare cases, it could pull an irrelevant page, or a publisher that does not in fact accept guest posts. This is usually due to the publisher having a page on their site that is relevant to guest contributions, but not actually accepting guest contributions themselves.

The domain emails in the far right column are taken directly from the owner's Whois records. Some websites decide to hide this information, and you may see some Whois privacy emails instead, or even fake emails that the website owner used. Not all website owners display their email in their Whois information, but the ones that do make it easier to get in touch with them. Take advantage of that!