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How to Start Guest Blogging for The New York Times

Posted by on July 24th, 2017

The New York Times is an old and venerable institution, a newspaper gone digital, though they have had a print edition in regular publication since 1851. As the website for a newspaper, it’s still formatted to feel like a newspaper, with individual sections for topics like politics, business, art, opinions, food, fashion, and real estate. […]

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How to Write for Large Sites by Meeting Editors in Person

Posted by on July 14th, 2017

While scouting for guest blogging opportunities, you’ve likely encountered a few sites that seem very promising, but have proven to be impenetrable. You have the right kind of content, you have high quality content, but no matter what you submit, you’re just stonewalled by the editor in question. Most of the time, it’s nothing personal. […]

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How Long Does it Take for a Guest Post to Improve Rankings?

Posted by on July 6th, 2017

One of the main reasons to operate a guest posting campaign is to grow your overall site rank in Google. After all, it’s a form of link building; you’re going out, getting links from high quality content on high quality sites, leading back to your site. The question is, how long does it take to […]

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10 Examples of Effective Guest Blogging Strategies

Posted by on June 27th, 2017

I have learned a lot about guest blogging over the years, and I have put a lot of different techniques into practice. I can’t say I have a perfect strategy – no one can – but I’m confident enough in my knowledge and ability to have created this website. I can’t say that I’ve come […]

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How to Get More Guest Posts Published for Free

Posted by on June 26th, 2017

Guest posting does not have to be an expensive task. In fact, if you approach it using the right technique, you can get a ton of posts throughout your industry for a relatively small investment of time and energy. Here’s one such process I’ve put to use for great success. Step 1: Create a Flagship […]

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What is The Benefit of Being a Regular Guest Blogger?

Posted by on June 20th, 2017

There’s a fine line between being a regular guest blogger for a site and being a staff contributor. Generally, the line is paved with money. Guest contributors are rarely paid; staff writers draw a salary. There’s another difference as well, and that’s in terms of value to your own site. If you’re a guest contributor, […]

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How to Become a Contributor to

Posted by on June 12th, 2017

I’ve covered a number of different sites on this blog, with tips to help you become a guest post contributor for them. Some of them are pretty difficult, while others are comparatively easy. Which side of the coin do you think fits Entrepreneur? About Entrepreneur Magazine Entrepreneur began life as a magazine in 1977, published […]

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Why Accepting Money for Guest Posts is a Bad Idea

Posted by on June 8th, 2017

An a blog author, you might be approached to accept a guest post to publish. In some cases, people just want to publish a guest post on your site. In others, they want to leverage your ability to post on another site to get their own content pushed. For example, if you write for Forbes […]

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Does Mass Guest Post Soliciting Actually Work?

Posted by on May 29th, 2017

Guest posting is an undeniably powerful strategy, so it stands to reason that you’d want to get as many guest posts on as many sites as possible. Yet, if you follow a typical guest posting strategy, you’re spending a lot of time on building a connection and submitting pitches on the off chance that an […]

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10 Steps to Publish Your Guest Post on

Posted by on May 24th, 2017 is the modern web-based extension of the magazine Inc., which was founded in 1979. Bernie Goldhirsh, who founded the magazine, was an engineer turned entrepreneur who also founded and sold Sail magazine. The magazine had a rocky history, suffering a little in the dot com era compared to contemporaries like Fast Company, but stabilized […]

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