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What is The Best Format to Send Guest Posts to Editors?

Posted by on November 2nd, 2016

The barrier to entry in the guest post world often begins with an email. There are a number of factors that go into the email, all of which can make any hopeful blogger pause, worried they will do irreparable damage with the attempt at connection they are about to send. The blogger (you) must compose […]

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How to Contact a Blog With No Form or Email Address

Posted by on October 29th, 2016

Those midnight hours pouring over the blogs in your niche, scanning every square inch for an email address, are perfectly normal. You’re not stalking, you’re researching. You’re not obsessive, you’re driven. There are many specific reasons you could be scouring the blogosphere for that email address. Maybe you want to contact the owner just to […]

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How to Write Blog Content Like a Professional

Posted by on October 27th, 2016

Writing like a professional, in the blogosphere or anywhere, requires one main ingredient: practice. Yes, I’ll break down the key elements to keeping your readers informed, entertained, and salivating to join your subscriber list or buy your product below. Yes, there is a certain style and tone and practice that surrounds blog writing itself, as […]

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14 Examples of Catchy Headlines and Blog Post Titles

Posted by on October 20th, 2016

The catchy headline in modern journalism is running rampant. Incredibly calculated words draw you, the reader, into a post you might have never even considered. It happens all the time, right? One moment I’m perusing my Facebook feed, the next I’m learning about the habits of likable people (I’m likable, I bet on I’m this […]

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How to Grow a Business by Guest Blogging

Posted by on October 17th, 2016

The number of entrepreneurs in this world is rising every day. Whether it’s someone who has finally quit their day-job to “try this business thing”, individuals working odd hours on the weekends around their normal schedule, or successful repeat business owners who open a new digital shop every couple months, we’re in a wave of […]

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20 Methods To See How Much Traffic a Blog Gets

Posted by on October 14th, 2016

Research is a blog owner’s best friend. It doesn’t matter if you’re experienced or just beginning; knowing where you stand in a field is incredibly important for developing a successful strategy, and therefore blog. Where does the research start? With traffic. One could argue (I just might!) that, if you’re really into the blog game […]

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What Are Power Words and How Do You Use Them?

Posted by on October 12th, 2016

Power words are the utterable commands issued by high-wizards in the game Dungeons and Dragons, to be used to persuade party members, NPCs, and humanoid monsters to do whatever the wizard desires. Wait. That doesn’t sound right. It sounds cool, but not accurate or on-topic. I’ve peaked your interest though, right? I mean, who doesn’t […]

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How to Accept Guest Posts with a WordPress Plugin

Posted by on October 9th, 2016

Guest posts are a strong support limb — like your leg — for any solid blog. The backbone would be your original content, the heart would be your readers, and the brain your sales platform. If pushed I could probably list every part of the body as some part of your blog (I’m a very […]

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How to Meet Other Guest Bloggers with Triberr

Posted by on October 5th, 2016

The one overarching truth to the blog world is that you have to connect. You have to reach across the digital aisle and make friends with your readers, of course, but that’s actually not your greatest asset. You have to connect with other bloggers in your space, and those other bloggers will be the gallons […]

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5 Strategies to Try if Your Guest Blog Pitch Was Rejected

Posted by on September 30th, 2016

Rejection is an ugly word, one that we tend to shy away from in society. Nobody likes to get rejected, whether it’s from the super cool AV club (yeah, I said it), the girl you’ve had a crush on since puberty, or a college you’re pining for. Common sense tells us that while rejection does […]

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