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How Much Can You Get Paid Writing for Forbes?

Posted by on August 27th, 2018

It has been a rough few years for high profile contributor networks and various groups of unpaid, SEO-friendly guest blogging locations. A number of contributor networks have shut down, some sites entirely, some just their casual contributors. HuffPost is one of the major announcements of the year. Forbes, in case you’re scared based on the […]

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Guide to Finding Blogs That Will Write About Your Startup

Posted by on August 19th, 2018

When you’re starting a business, launching a product, or looking to make a splash with your event, the number one thing you need is coverage. All marketing, all setup, all planning, it comes down to getting coverage in the press. The more sites and publications that write about you, the more likely you are to […]

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Are Guest Post Links from Worth The Effort?

Posted by on August 12th, 2018

If you’ve been a regular reader of this blog – or if you want to scan the archives real quick – you know I’ve been covering a lot of different sites with determinations as to whether or not links from those sites are worthwhile. This post is another in that series, this time focused on […]

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The Hoth Review: How Effective Is Their Link Building Service?

Posted by on August 4th, 2018

I have mentioned The Hoth before on this blog, though only in passing. Since then, I’ve received a few requests for a review, with some others asking my opinion on their services more in general. I decided to give them a more solid look and see what I think. The Hoth’s Services The Hoth bills […]

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Can Your Rankings Drop After Building Guest Post Links?

Posted by on July 29th, 2018

A lot of blogs focusing on SEO and link building have spent a lot of time over the last few years building up the trust marketers place in guest posting. The reason for this all stems back to that one pesky post written by Matt Cutts in 2014. You know the one, right? “The decay […]

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25 Ways to Get Press Coverage for a Non-Profit

Posted by on July 22nd, 2018

One of the biggest problems in the nonprofit world is awareness. There are thousands upon thousands of companies competing for the attention of your audience every waking second of the day. Many of these companies have things like “communications directors” or “advertising agencies” or “budgets”. It’s hard to compete when you’re operating with a shoestring […]

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How Much Does it Cost to Hire a PR Firm?

Posted by on July 17th, 2018

As you’ve no doubt realized from reading this blog for a while, guest posting is a lot of work. Everything from the site research to the pitch writing to the follow-up combined can make basically a full time job. It’s no wonder that a lot of people turn to hiring a PR firm instead. The […]

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15 Ways to Get Product Placements on Large Blogs

Posted by on July 8th, 2018

Product placement on blogs is a bit of a different animal than traditional product placement. With traditional product placement, you’re aiming at incidental exposure through widely-consumed media. When a TV show makes all their characters happen to like drinking Coke, that’s product placement. It’s very minor, but it incidentally makes people want a coke. Coke […]

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Are PRWeb Cision Press Releases Worth The Money?

Posted by on June 30th, 2018

I’ve been writing recently about press release marketing as a supplement to guest posting. They both serve similar purposes, but take different avenues and find different hosts. The end result is the same goal, of course: getting your name and information in front of the eyes of the people, building up a reputation, and gaining […]

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Our Grammarly Review – Is It Worth The Monthly Price?

Posted by on June 24th, 2018

Whenever you’re writing anything for publication, it’s well worth the time to make sure your writing is as consistently high quality as possible. In some cases, this means a dedicated proofreading. In some cases, it means cranking up all of the grammar settings in the program you’re using to write. In some cases, it’s best […]

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