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How to Submit a Guest Post to an .EDU Site

Posted by on March 31st, 2019

When talking about backlinks, one concept that comes up fairly often is the idea that some links are better than others. This is true, of course, but there are a few pieces of misinformation floating around. Obviously, nofollowed links are much less valuable than followed links. Links from high quality, relevant sites are much better […]

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So You Want to Submit a Guest Post to Ad Age, Huh?

Posted by on March 24th, 2019 is an interesting site to me. For all that they are an old and venerated advertising and marketing website, they still have some signs of not quite knowing what they’re doing, or at least not really caring. For example, check out their Google snippet right now. This is what I see: Can you think […]

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10 Search Footprints to Find Blogs Accepting Guest Posts

Posted by on March 20th, 2019

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: one of the hardest parts of guest posting is simply finding sites that are willing to accept guest posts. Oh, sure, you can pitch any site so long as you can find the information for the relevant editor, but if that’s your plan, you’re going to […]

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Can Reciprocal Guest Posting Hurt Your Rankings?

Posted by on March 11th, 2019

Guest posting is a white hat technique with a few gray areas around the edges. It’s also a very old technique that, when used improperly, can cause issues with the current and future growth of your website. The Situation So here’s a situation. You run Site A. Someone else runs Site B. You want to […]

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The Top 100 Marketing Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Posted by on March 4th, 2019

Guest posting is a complex task with long-term benefits, but it often requires a lot of up-front effort. It feels bad to spend hours or days on something only to barely see tangible results. You want a shortcut, and I don’t blame you. That’s why I made this site in the first place! One of […]

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Guest Posting vs Blogger Outreach: Is There a Difference?

Posted by on February 24th, 2019

By now you’re likely quite familiar with the basic techniques involved in guest posting, at least if you’ve read this blog for any length of time. I’ve even brought up some related techniques, like press release marketing. Now it’s time to bring up another: blogger outreach. Blogger Outreach: What’s the Difference? What is blogger outreach, […]

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Is Guest Blogging a Good Strategy for a Law Firm Website?

Posted by on February 18th, 2019

In general, guest blogging is a great way to build momentum for any site. You get some traffic, you get a link, you get some name recognition, and on and on. The benefits are numerous, and I’ve certainly covered them before. One thing I’ve also covered before is the differences between industries and niches. If […]

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You’re Calculating Your Guest Post ROI All Wrong

Posted by on February 10th, 2019

How many times have you encountered an article telling you that guest posting is worthless? Time and again, I encounter posts like this one, talking about the low or nonexistent return on investment for the typical guest post. Most such studies focus on a lot of intangible metrics. They talk about the referral traffic you […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Writing For The Washington Post

Posted by on February 4th, 2019

The Washington Post is in some ways a very traditional newspaper-style publication, and in other ways it is refreshingly modern. Often known as WaPo, the Washington Post started life as a newspaper in 1877. Throughout the decades, it has evolved to keep up with the times. These days, as of about 2013, the publication is […]

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Can You Include Affiliate Links in Your Guest Posts?

Posted by on January 26th, 2019

I haven’t talked a lot about affiliate marketing on this site – though you can find my posts about the subject elsewhere – but it’s something I cover from time to time. In this case, there’s crossover between the world of affiliates and the world of guest posting, so I’m going to cover the issue […]

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